MMM News Digest 2/10/2017

MMM News Digest 2/10/2017

Dear friends! We warmly welcome you, wish you success and prosperity! We want to express our gratitude for the loyalty to our common goal! MMM becomes stronger and more stable. The things are going excellent! We will surely reach our goal, and build a new fair world for ordinary people! Nobody will hinder us!

Our Community is based on mutual aid, therefore don’t forget that each of you is important for the system. You are part of the large mechanism where everything is interrelated. Continue to participate actively, the efficiency of MMM work depends on your activity. Don’t stay apart and provide help to other participants! In this way you help people who really need it, improve your own welfare and strengthen our Community as a whole!

And now, let’s review the events of the recent week that happened in different MMM countries. You will see how our MMM planet lives — interesting events and success stories in the promotion of the Community, news from the cryptocurrencies world etc. So, let’s start!

MMM and cryptocurrencies

  • On September, 24th one month passed since the activation of SegWit protocol in Bitcoin network. Let’s remind that the main task of SegWit was to increase the network and improve its capacity. So, let’s make the first conclusions. After the activation of SegWit, the number of the unconfirmed transactions decreased drastically and last month remained at the minimum level. Just compare: on September, 25th the mempool size (set of all transactions waiting for the confirmation in the network) was 5,51 МB. The number of the unconfirmed transaction amounted to 5 000 while on August, 22th exceeded 82 MB, and the second indicator reached 100 000. As a result, there users didn’t have to set high fees in order to increase their transactions priority and accelerate their processing. As the consequence, no queues, the transactions are carried out without any delays, and the fees are low.
  • Last week, we added the option for providing/getting help with several new cryptocurrencies in several MMM countries. Besides Bitcoin and bank, you can now provide help using Litecoin and Ethereum. These innovations have already proved their efficiency. For example, in China cryptocurrencies are very popular. When we added several new cryptocurrencies, our participants were very pleased. Many of them were extremely happy! :-)) We can state that new cryptocurrencies in MMM encourage the development of the whole system.
  • The shutdown of many cryptocurrencies exchanges in China didn’t affect the work of MMM despite the forecasts of some skeptics. Our Chinese participants still have the opportunity to provide and get help in cryptocurrencies. Everything is stable in MMM China, there are no reasons to worry. Many participants use p2p platforms such as LocalBitcoin or purchase/sale cryptocurrency via bots on Telegram. That’s it :-))
  • The leading cryptocurrency of the world — Bitcoin — is developing drastically! The rate of the cryptocurrency stabilized and is moving towards new records. According to the forecasts, already this week the value of one coin will exceed $5 000, and till the end of the year will reach the level of unbelievable $7 000! Is it real? Let’s wait and check it! ;-))

Below is a brief description of events in MMM countries
  • In our last news digest we wrote we would send our leaders to Egypt. This time, we have decided to start with this news. We remind that the team of the experienced guiders from Kenya is flying to Egypt with an important mission — to promote MMM in this country. As a result, a lot of new participants have joined our big family. The most important is that our guiders have ambitious goals. We are sure they will cope with their task. Last week, they bought tickets to Egypt, and this week they are starting their journey. Good luck, guys! ;-)) In the section “Photos and videos”, we have published the photos of our leaflets and ticket of one of the guiders. Read our further digests to get more details.
  • Participants from MMM RSA impress everyone with their high activity in our contests where we give away prizes for the accomplishment of different tasks aimed to promote the Community. It means they are ready to promote MMM actively. Well done, guys! Thank you so much! ;-)) Each contribution you make to the promotion of MMM is important for the whole system. Keep it up, and our Community will become even stronger!
  • In our previous digest we told you that MMM China helps those who need urgent help and published several testimonials. Now, we are publishing 3 new videos. Our mutual aid Community helps people who faced difficult life situations. It is the right step on the way to a new fair world. Why? Just because kindness is the best weapon against evil. Good always wins over evil! Testimonials from our Chinese participants:
  • Last week, МММ Australia published an interesting video describing the registration process in the personal office. Besides, in another video presentation Australian guiders explained how to participate in MMM properly in order to reach your goals. By the way, this video might be useful for our participants from other countries.
  • We express our gratitude to the MMM Australia guiders. Thank for your efficient and stable work! Watch a new cool African Mavronews edition. It is high-quality as usual. Enjoy it! ;-))
  • Our leaders from MMM Kenya continue to please us with their activity in promoting MMM. Last week, they carried out several offline events, explained the ideology of MMM, the principles of its work etc. Probably, after such positive meeting, MMM Kenya got a lot of new active participants. Keep it up guys! Well done! :-))
  • Our guiders from MMM Ghana are active as well. They hold offline events telling new potential members about our Community and explaining the significance of the system for every ordinary person. Friends, you are doing a good job for the promotion of MMM, and it’s difficult to overestimate your contribution to the MMM development. Continue to promote MMM and invite newcomers. Each participant is important for us as we are building a new fair world so that ordinary people can obtain the financial freedom and live happily. And we will do it! :-)) Besides, we hired new operators to our call center in MMM Ghana. Now, people will get the detailed consultations concerning MMM and other issues. We are extremely glad!
  • Our leaders from MMM Nigeria carried out offline events including the charity event. Thank you so much! The event was aimed to help pupils of the ordinary village school. Boys and girls got school supplies and other pleasant gifts. Thank you guys for helping children who really need kindness and care as each of them deserves a better life. MMM is doing its best in order to help these children!
  • The things are going very well in MMM India and MMM Philippines. The Community develops, offline events are carried out in different formats including friendly and official meetings. We want to underline once again — it is not important what format you choose. The most important is to hold more meetings. Our guiders are so experienced that each event gives excellent fruits. MMM gets new participants who provide help and promote MMM actively. We feel extremely pleased. Great job!  ;-))
  • Last week, a lot of events took place in MMM Turkey. Among them, many offline events in a friendly format. As usual, these events were carried out in a comfortable atmosphere. Our leaders held events both for the potential newcomers and for the current participants who had showed no activity so far. These participants were inspired by the presentation of our guiders, they became aware of the sense of participating in MMM and decided to provide help again. We express our gratitude to the guiders! :-)) Besides, one of the leaders — a young beautiful girl — decided to hold the Bitcoin workshop among our housewives members! As the result, we got new active users of cryptocurrencies! We also want to remark cohesion of our guiders from MMM Turkey. They constantly hold meetings in order to discuss and coordinate their work and promote MMM in the country. Such actions help to reach the best results. Keep it up, guys! Together, we are strong! ;-))
  • Once again, we want to talk about Turkey. Last week, the charity event for children was carried out on behalf of MMM. Children got useful school supplies and a lot of positive emotions. Care for children is a part of MMM ideology, and we are pleased that you don’t forget about it. Thank you so much! MMM Turkey works actively in the social media. In their group on Facebook, our guidres held useful online events. Besides, they launched MMM Turkey advertisements on Facebook, therefore hundreds of thousands of new users will get to know MMM. Wonderful news! :-))
  • MMM Thailand is stable as usual. Participants send us a lot of positive Testimonials and thank our Community for the opportunity to improve their financial situation and make their dreams true! We are pleased with such activity as ordinary people become happier with MMM. Dear friends, stay with us, call your friends and relatives to MMM, and improve your welfare. Happiness and welfare for everyone is our key goal, and we will surely reach it!
  • Last week, our active guiders from MMM Brazil carried out a super presentation of MMM for 500 guests. The event was carried out in positive atmosphere, however it is already usual for Brazilian MMM leaders. Besides, an interesting meeting related to the history of MMM was held in Brazil. The guests got to know more about the system, its start and development. Thank you guys for this wonderful event. It was really cool and useful. Besides, a new physical office with all amenities was inaugurated in MMM Brazil. We believe it will help to improve your work! We wish you success in developing and strengthening our Community! :-))
  • Unlike their colleagues from other countries, our guiders from MMM Argentina just start to hold offline events, however already show excellent results! Last week, they carried out a warm meeting in a friendly atmosphere and invited a lot of new participants to our Community. Guys, we are sure you will soon hold large-scale events like our active leaders from other countries. It just can’t be otherwise, as you are goal-oriented guiders and you are doing kind deeds for the ordinary people from all over the world! Thank you for that! :-))
To finish with

As you can see, this week has been interesting and full of new events. However, we can’t describe all our events in this short review, therefore we have shared with you only the most memorable ones.

We express our sincere gratitude to all participants and leaders who promote MMM. Your efforts help to strengthen our Community. Be active, invent new activities, make other people interested in our system. Don’t forget that the common success depends on each of you!

Provide help, tell your friends about us in the social media, on forums, hold online and offline events. Many of you already know how to do it properly. If you don’t, join our free of charge MMM School and learn new approaches in 11 days.

Make your contribution to the development of our Community. The most important is to apply efforts. It will be useful for MMM and for you personally. We call everyone to be active and provide help. Remember that right now somebody needs your support, and will be extremely grateful for your help! Together, we are changing the world!

Thank you for your attention. Stay with us. See you next week!

Best regards,
MMM Administration