On January 3, 2009 a programmer nicknamed “Satoshi Nakamoto” invented the bitcoin virtual currency to fight against financial injustice. The creator of bitcoin believes that a world where money transfers are controlled by banks and the state is abnormal. The authorities charge significant amounts for fund transfers and restrict the peoples' rights by not allowing them to transfer money where they wish and by demanding personal details.

Bitcoin and MMM alliance

MMM and Bitcoin share common grounds. This Mutual Aid Community strives to tackle financial injustice by getting rid of our dependency on banks, in the first place.

MMM members help each other financially. They provide help using both bank transfers and the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Over the last year, the number of fund transfers via Bitcoin has risen significantly — popularity of the cryptocurrency is on the rise. Even banks have ceased to argue with this and have started using the block chain technology which is the basis of Bitcoin in their operations.

Bitcoin is a promising enterprise, and its exchange rate is demonstrating continuous growth.

For example,
  • in October 2015 the bitcoin price increased by 97 %, and the Financial Times reporters linked it to MMM. The popularity of MMM is growing, the interest towards Bitcoin is on the rise, and the cryptocurrency exchange rate is going up.
  • From early 2017 and up until today, the bitcoin exchange rate has risen by 160 %. At the beginning of the year it was worth USD 1,000, now its price is over USD 2,600.

Why is it more profitable to use bitcoin within MMM?

Providing help using bitcoins rather than conventional currencies is more profitable.
  • Orders to provide and get help are processed much faster.
  • You also receive a 3 % bonus for providing help in bitcoins.  
  • Apart from earning rates with МММ, you can also earn on bitcoin exchange rate growth that is in general continuous.
  • Using cryptocurrency is safer as you can verify and track any payment.
  • It also lowers your chances of coming across fraudsters.
  • Employees of the Control and Revision Office can instantaneously check whether payment has been made without the need to provide account statements.
  • You pay a lower fee.
  • Transfers are processed faster.
  • Bitcoin makes it all easier and more dynamic.

Any MMM member may create a request to get help in bitcoins, and we have all instructions regarding use of bitcoins at our website. Read about it and try it — it's not rocket science. :-))