New Info - MMM News Digest

Dear members! The MMM Mutual Aid Community has been successfully operating all over the world. We will now make a brief weekly news digests for all countries wherein we will briefly touch upon various interesting events and will make a wrap-up of the past week.

In general, MMM has seen an outstanding growth. We would like to note right away that as we have members from 118 countries we will not cover all the news in detail; otherwise, it will be an encyclopedia rather than a digest. :-)) Let's just touch upon the most interesting news. So, here we go!
MMM has been gaining popularity — hence, our online consultants have been in high demand. The number of conversations is constantly growing, hence new online consultants have been hired in Columbia, Brazil and some other countries. Let's wish them good luck!
MMM China is steadily gaining momentum. In the past week only the number of help provision cases rose two-fold, the number of new registrations increased by 1.5, and the number of people who received help doubled.
All countries has seen a rise in the number of members who prefer to use bitcoin. It is especially noticeable in China, RSA and Nigeria where the number of cryptocurrency advocates increased by 10 % in only a week.
On a side note, the Bitcoin Community has made a final decision as to the scaling of cryptocurrency — it has voted unanimously for using SegWit. Therefore, the probability of bitcoin being divided into 2 types on August 1 has withered away almost entirely, so you don't need to worry about that and can continue to use this prospective cryptocurrency within MMM.
The MMM office in Peru has made an excellent job. More and more interested people come to the office each day, and last week saw a record attendance rate. We launched this office with good reason. :-))
A cool radio show about our Mutual Aid Community was on air in the town of Ambon, Indonesia. The listeners and the organizers were content with how it went.
A MMM RSA member made a rebuttal against an article published at an online mass media portal that had made unfounded accusations against MMM allegedly intimidating (!) its members. This member will meet up with reporters shortly and will give an honest and truthful interview.
Kenia and Turkey automated the MMM Leader School. Studying has become even easier and more convenient.
India and Nigeria arranged several charity events. Nigeria's leading media companies wrote about these events. It's really nice! :-))

Photos and videos from the events:

Let's make a wrap-up:

We're really happy that MMM has been growing and its members have been so active all around the world. They have been providing help, inviting new members and building their own structures. MMM includes over 235 mln people from different countries, and this number is rising fast. Considering how fast we've been growing, 240 mln is close by. ;-))

This is all we’ve got for today. We have certainly had more interesting events, but we noted at the very beginning we would not tell you all about them — we will just cover the highlights. Otherwise, you would spend too much time reading this. ;-))

See you next week!

Best regards, MMM Administration!