Important ! before you make to provide help, make sure you have bitcoin balance, 
because the providing help assigment will would come immediately or at any time.

For user do 48 hours after your account is verified, 
if the prior 48 hours, you can't send bitcoin from your account

Login to your PO MMM Account

Click Provide Help request

Check the agreement, before you participate, click next

Choose US Dollar, Choose Bitcoin and click next

Input the amount, you will provide help, click select 

* If this your first provide help, i recommend you
start with small amount $10, for test drive how it work

Fill once again, and click next button
Review your provide help request, if it's true, click next
Your request provide help, Successfully ! 
When you must transfer your provide help ?

This completely from the MMM system, can instantly today, could one day later or 5-10 days later, the most important thing you must login into your account every day, because the transfer deadline to provide help is 36 hours, if more than 36 hours your account will be blocked, so log into your account every day, check your account and run mmmextra

From my experience, on my provide help request
January 22, 2015 the provide help request is instant 
So the MMM system provide account detail who need help
Order created, $1000
How to send help ? You must know Bitcoin address
Who need help, How ? Click play button on desktop
Click "I Consent to make payment"
Click OK
From picture above, I must provide help to Joko Haryadi
0.42973786 BTC ( equal $100 ) no later than 36 hours

Double click on box above, to check bitcoin address
People who need help ( Joko Haryadi )
Green box = The amount provide help you must transfer
Red Box = Bitcoin address people who need help

Login to bitcoin account, click sign in
Fill your email & password click sign in
Click trade
Exchange some or all your USD to BTC, Click Place Order
Review, and click place order
Click wallet
Choose BTC, click Withdrawal
Copy Amount + Bitcoin address people who need help
Paste, & click withdraw
Chose SMS, check yor phone, enter code, & confirm
Check email from CEX.IO
Click email confirmation, & success

Click transcation ID above
Success, make screenshoot , proof of transfer

Click I completed payment
Upload your screenshot, & click next

Click next
Sucess, For first transaction

Next, Do the same for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc provide help until all is completed, Remember time is only 36 hours