We are all members of one Community. And we understand that MMM Nigeria’s condition depends on us and our efforts. That’s why we introduce new program. On our website and Personal Office, we will regularly publish tasks for promotion of the MMM Community (let’s call them “Community development tasks”).

These tasks will require both online and offline activity from you. A Task contains the consequence of steps which should be done for invitation of new people to MMM. Performing these tasks you will give more exposure to MMM as well as get more referrals under you.

So, do the tasks, build you team and contribute to the development of MMM Nigeria! Also tell other participants about these tasks and encourage them to perform the tasks too!

Tasks will gradually become more difficult. Today let’s start with the easiest one:

Share Posts from MMM Nigeria Fanpage
Follow the link and “like” the page
Scroll down the page and choose any post
Write your own comment and attach the recommended hashtags. Add you referral link

Step 1. Follow the link
Click "Like"

Step 2. Scroll down the page and choose any post
Click on "Like" and share it on your page

Step 3.
  1. Choose Share on your own Timeline
  2. Write your own comment and type the hashtags ‪#‎MMMNigeria‬ ‪#‎MMMNG‬ ‪#‎Nigeria‬. Add you referral link
  3. Choose Public
  4. Share the video