Login MMM to your PO Account

Click Get Help

Click the box above, and then click next

Choose bitcoin & click next

Input the amount of get help, minimum $10
Yo can request get help some or all of your money

Review, And then click next
Click OK

MMM system, have determined the person
who should help you, wait for 36 hours

Login to your bitcoin account,

Fill your name & password then click sign in
Click wallet

Click transactions

Check your bitcoin transaction, If you get the money
* Make screenshot bitcoin that you receive 
for the purposes of making letter of hapinness testimonial

If you receive the money, click check green button to confirm

Click confirm reception 
* if you do't receive bitcoin, wait 48 hours until a yellow button appear, & then to click "funds are not received"

Click ok


Make your letter of hapiness testimonial
after you getting help from mmm system

Upload a screenshot proof that you have received bitcoin. If you want an extra bonus, Create a video testimonial and upload it to youtube and then paste URL link to the column and then click the checkbox " i want to get the bonus" , then click send

* 3% bonus if the video does not show your face 5% bonus if video show your face
Video testimonials to use English (mmmglobal) Video testimonials are not mandatory,
without video no problem, You can unchecked the botton and then immediately click send.