MMM Extra
  1. Tasks in MMM Extra will be changed every few hours, if you find a task that is, immediately did when it also
  2. MMM extra workmanship should not forget three important points = write # (hashtag), unique commentary that is always new, your referral link
  3. The new task always appear after 07.00 AM

  1. Dispatcher on between the hours of 4:00 AM - 6:00 AM and hours of 04:00 to 6:00 pm every day. well if GH performed before and at or near the clock
  2. If the numbers PH / GH is too big, do it gradually just good for PH and for GH
  3. PH can be 2 days - 3 weeks, GH time could be minutes, hours, to days, depending on the needs of the system
  4. Zonk that sometimes - sometimes happens less often because the sender TT BTC and menegerti way and there is no manager who guided or BLIND regist (apply directly via the web). If you find someone like that help him to TT BTC by to chat, direct contact contactnya / manager (if any), or by googling the name

  1. We recommend that you first deposit on your account before making PH BTC to avoid delay in the process of deposit of rupiah to BTC on the day - a given day. Do not speculate because there is a long queue PH then deposit later.
  2. Min deposit in BTC was 10,000 rp
  3. Enable Google Authenticator in HP / tablet you as a token to login account BTC BTC will make you a very safe and comfortable

  1. Global MMM apply 1 participant to 1 MMM account and one account bitcoin. Multi accounts will be dealt with firmly until a permanent block, and it does not play - play.
  2. Do not log in WIFI general, because if there are other participants in the same WIFI login (unless a different structure) the indication of multi-account has occurred and you will enter moratory PO.
  3. Use of personal devices only. May use 4 laptop / mobile / tablet device as long as it is personal. Personal devices are already in use should never be used for someone else's account login again.
  4. Certainly caught cheating, MMM Global CRO very tight and knowing a good way to punish every stratagem. From tracking IP adress and things - other things beyond our capabilities.