MMM and consultant to participants, let us cooperate together !!! Please remember that together we can do many things.


All of these recommendations are for the safety and well-being. If you INFRINGEMENT RULES, then the system WILL NOT ENSURING.
  1. YOU MUST be respectful of each other. Join and Berprilakulah with Wholeheartedly, MONITORING CIRCULATION MANAGER REQUIRED FOR DIRECT referall COMPREHENSIVE 
  2. If there is difficulty Transaction (eg account number is incomplete / incorrect / unclear databanknya) Please contact each other in the chatbox *** / INBOX MESSAGE for COMMUNICATION IN HAL provides assistance in your account. If there is no reply from the sender or recipient then please try to contact a consultant and manager. 
  3. It is a mutual assistance fund, so let's help each other. If a potential sender has requested additional time to make the transfer then try to understand and do. You can extend the time to transfer over 24 hours. 
  4. It is not good for the system MMM, if there are members to be rude in chat messages or even use the words of the oath / curse. , If you do this, then you will *** blocked and if your consultants / manager, it will downgrade participants *** again. 
  5. It is a mutual fund aid without conditions and guarantees. You all have to understand clearly. When you load a bank transfer to another participant you *** *** DO NOT write in banking payment TRANSFER NEWS ABOUT MMM. Tulisa ONLY *** free assistance "or" DONATION ". *** 
  6. If you have made the payment, but the receiver does not confirm it within 48 hours, please write to *** (subject: FRAUD). After CRO audit ID, the recipient will be *** blocked on grounds of fraud. Consultant / MANAGER of these participants have to make an explanation on the situation to the CRO. If they ignore the CRO audit then they will become participants *** DOWNGRADE back again. 
  7. If you are asked for more time to make the transfer, but the receiver does not respond, please contact the manager. If they both ignore your request, please write to the CRO in (subject: BEHAVIOR THAT IS NOT RIGHT). *** However, please remember that the participants may refuse to give you more time. Nevertheless we believe that in our society, we have a *** people who know each other. CRO will examine and decide what to do with MANAGER in this regard. 
  8. If your time *** NOT EXTENDED then you MUST DO bank transfer you over a period of time WALKING. 
  9. DO NOT upload another image, phrase or whatever. If YOU DO THIS, THEN you will be considered as a FRAUD. YOU participant ID will be blocked. 
  10. NO EVENT WILL MAKING PROCESS 9: ~ Stop on the lap time by sender ~ Cancelled by sender at the preparation stage ~ Cancelled by consultants in the preparation phase ~ Cancelled by CRO until the full execution ~ Cancelled automatically as a diversion time ~ Do not make a payment when it late! 
  11. NUMBER 9 IF THINGS HAPPEN, BUT YOU DO TRANSFER, THEN your payment will not be confirmed by the CRO. 
  12. If you have already TAKING ACCOUNT TRANSFERS after you canceled, then you have to ask the recipient to repay the funds you AND if you have not received your money within one week, please write your complaint to (subject: FRAUD). After CRO CHECKED, THEN receiver ID will be blocked because of fraud. IMPORTANT !!! If your ID Blocking for fraud, do not SEND TICKETS / write feedback to the CRO within your account MMM TO ASK unblock you. Your request will not be approved.