Dear participants!

We regret to inform you that we have to close down the Republic of Bitcoin. It was an experiment, and, unfortunately, it failed. We turned out not to able to pay 100% per month. We can easily pay 30% per month (and we proved it in practice in many countries), but 100% is too much even for us. That’s why the RB will be closed down. All the participants’ RB-Mavro are transferred to the MMM-structure of the countries which the participants come from. If there is no MMM-structure working in this country, it will be created within two weeks from the date of this announcement. All RB-Mavro will be demonstrated as "old" Mavro in PO. Any operations with them are impossible. Gradually, as your country will be developing, they will be paid back. 10% of the total input of the system will be spent on repaying “old” Mavro. This practice has already been tested in many countries and proved that it works. It usually takes a half a year to pay back old" Mavro. This news is not very pleasant but there is nothing that can be done about it. It''s not the end of the world. We just have to wait a bit. We hope for understanding, Administration

尊敬的会员们! 我们被迫关闭比特币共和国。这是个实验,现在失败了。那么大的利率我们经受不起。30%在一个月我们很容易可能支付,但是100%甚至对我们是太多。 这样一来,比特币共和国要关闭! 所有的比特币共和国的马夫罗变成会员的国家的MMM,如果国家还没有MMM,那就马上建立。 所有的比特币共和国的马夫罗在账户里变成“旧”,财政业务用它们不能,我们给10%为偿债旧马夫罗,我们一定偿债所有的旧马夫罗在半年内,这是普通的世界的实际经验。 这个信息当然不太愉快的,但是我们一定能胜任! 我们管理人员很希望您们的谅解。


Responding to the News MMM Global RB

All accounts Global MMM MMM will be transferred to the regional, according to the country of origin in the period 1 Week. what questions arise: how the process of displacement? removal automatically, so email login that is in use in accordance with the email that is in use in MMM Global is. Mavro? as we've ever experienced before, all in MMM mavro STILL Global is frozen with no possibility of repayment. account status? you will become a regular participant. there is no certainty how the referral but referral seems to be in accordance with the account in global mmm. Structure? blum no valid information but are likely to follow the current structure.

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Versi Indonesia

Semua akun MMM Global akan di pindahkan ke MMM regional, sesuai dengan asal negara dalam kurun waktu 1 Minggu. Pertanyaan apa yang timbul:

Bagaimana proses perpindahannya?
pemindahan secara otomatis, jadi email login yang di gunakan sesuai dengan email yang di gunakan di MMM GLobal.

seperti yang pernah kita alami sebelumnya, semua mavro di MMM GLobal dibekukan dengan MASIH ada kemungkinan pembayaran kembali.

Status akun?
anda akan menjadi partisipan biasa. belum ada kepastian bagaimana dengan referral tetapi sepertinya referral akan sesuai dengan akun di mmm global.

Belum ada informasi valid tetapi sepertinya akan mengikuti struktur yang sekarang.

#MMMGlobal #Bitcoin #MMM_RB #Sergey_Mavrodi #Mavro